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0ZZIE and HARRIET SEPT.211st chick-2nd on the way CWA 62 anhingas  FB2 anhingas  FB2 anhingas  FBWOODPECKERS FORT MYERS,FLORIDA3 Banded piping plovers copy3 spoonbills CAYO COSTA JULY 2013_6439 copy4 snowy plovers CWA 2013 SUCCESS201Anhinga with fish 60110_ Apple Pond_1743 copy - Copy201Anhinga with fish 60110_ Apple Pond_1743 copy20160109_A & W EAGLES_1527 copy20160110_Ding Darling Apple Pond_157020160113_A & W EAGLES_1949 copy20160204 FB_4278 copy20160227_564620160524_oystercatchers_0569 copy20170305_Wakodahatchee-Green Cay_0020 - Copy20170305_Wakodahatchee-Green Cay_002020170305_Wakodahatchee-Green Cay_0020