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PRINCE ALBERT OF MONACO,GAIL & ANN - ART OF THE OLYMPIANS (29) copyMerrit Island Sunrise 2013 (14) FBMennonite boys om the Magee Marsh boardwalk 2014FORT MYERS BEACH-171-1WHIMBREL BB03062015_ (7)-1Ring-billed Gull20180224_0407-33 Black-necked Stilt Chics FB3 Black-necked Stilt Chics FB-1parents of the HBQ 3 Eaglets copyGreat Grey Owl (4)FBBlack Capped ChickadeeBlack Capped Chickadee copyFBBoreal ChickadeeH_8038 FBPorcupine Duluth (8)Northern Hawk OwlSled Dogs Superior National Forest20190111_SNOWY OWL h_6964Spoonbill scene1_Merritt Island_8325 FBEagles -B-24 Liberator heavy bomber 1.29.1920190111SNOWY OWL _6965